Free Booking Links on Google

Free Advert from Google

Google has made free booking links available to any service-based accommodation provider since March 2021. To qualify as service-based holiday accommodation it must be staffed which means that many holiday-lets do not qualify.  The criteria are very similar to being eligible for a Google Business Profile, so you should be eligible for free booking links … Read more

Which is the best Holiday-Let Agent in the UK?

Which? has published a survey of the best agents in the UK from the perspective of the consumer; they are, after all, a consumer organisation. We look at the same organisations from the perspective of the owner. Landmark Trust is not an agent but rather a Trust which purchases properties, restores them, and then lets … Read more

What is Structured Data and should it be used?

What is Structured Data and should it be used?

The big difference between a normal (organic) search on the internet and a local search is that organic searches are largely on unstructured data whereas local searches are on structured data contained in databases such as directories and maps.

LinkedIn Best Practices for Companies

Hundreds of articles have been written about this so there is no point in trying to replace all that good advice.  The key point to note is that LinkedIn ranks better than most social networks and is considerably better than its rivals for B2B purposes.  Most companies fail to make the most of it, even … Read more

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