How much do Local SEO services cost?

As the landscape is constantly changing I performed a Google search to try to find “Local SEO services cost”. For packaged services, the answer that came back was between $199 and $499 per month. A reputable Canadian based company called Whitespark was $349/m and listed their services as

Local SEO services cost
Local SEO services cost from Whitespark

Other well-known companies specialise in providing specific services such as Citation Management. An example of this is Yext which offers a range of plans costing typically about £30 per month. Our view is that the hard work with citations is getting them established and that is worth paying for. After that, they only need to be monitored and that should not cost as much as most companies charge.

Local SEO Set-up versus On-going costs

The majority of Local SEO work only has to be undertaken once, like establishing citations. For instance, once a Google My Business listing is set up and optimised, that job is effectively done and the next one can be undertaken. Comparing that with SEO work, which involves constant ongoing tasks, explains why Local SEO is less expensive than Organic SEO.

Local businesses should, therefore, seek to divide the cost into “set-up” versus “on-going” work. It will be less expensive over the long term if the on-going costs can be reduced as much as possible.

The set-up cost will obviously depend on what needs to be done, and that cannot be determined without an audit. Most suppliers will undertake an audit so that they can provide a quotation, so getting a few quotes is not a bad tactic.

This blog series has listed the main things that need to be done so that business owners can compare quotations in an informed manner. Once the set-up is complete then it is possible to see how you compare with your main competitors. Only then can you decide what level of on-going services you need. If you are ranking number 1 for your main keywords already then you can go with minimal on-going services. If you are not ranking at all then you may need more extensive on-going services.

Local SEO services cost – ask your consultant

There are a number of companies that offer services in this area but great care must be taken in choosing the right one for the job. Some definitely get results but others do not and that is very difficult for the layman to know. That is why working with a Local SEO consultant can be money well spent.

These professionals know everything there is to know about Local SEO, and they can get the business’s name in places – and in front of customers – the business owner will not know about or may have never thought of.

Moreover, because there are so many changes taking place, a good Local SEO consultant will keep on top of the latest developments. A retained Local SEO consultant will monitor the clients’ businesses and make adjustments when required in reaction to these changes.

Where changes to a website are required then it makes sense for your webmaster to make those changes. However, knowing what changes to make should come from a Local SEO expert rather than your webmaster. If changes are required then it indicates that your webmaster did not realise, otherwise the changes would not have been required.

In summary, divide the cost into set-up and on-going. First, get set up and then look to see how you compare with your competitors. Only then decide on your on-going monthly services. Typically the monthly costs range between $199 and $499 for the full range of services available.

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