Helping Local Businesses stand out when customers are looking for their products or services.

Citation Tracking

We can track where your business is listed on line and whether it is listed correctly so that it gains Google's trust which improves your local search ranking, leading to more people seeing your business when searching locally for your products or services.

Rank Checker

We can track your business via the way your keywords & phrases rank across all search engines over time and in comparison with your main competitors so that we can identify which keywords/phrases are doing well and which ones need some more attention.

Reviews & Ratings

We can track all the review sites that you are listed on (and advise you which ones you should be on) and show you the average rating per site with drill down to individual reviews on a monthly basis.


We offer consultancy services for Local Search Optimisation, Reputation Management, Proximity Marketing, Goal Setting and Analytics to name a few.  All our services are aimed at businesses which have local presence either in the form of retail or because they service a geographic area.

Google My Business

Google is at the heart of Local Search and we can show any business how they are performing in five local searches (search terms that a customer might use) compared with the ten best performing local businesses.  The objective is to rank in one of the top three positions because that is all Google shows by default, and we can advise on measures to get into the top three positions.


We provide reports on Google Analytics, Google My Business Insights, Twitter, Facebook and others if required.  We can help our clients set goals which can be monitored in Google Analytics so that they can see whether or not their websites are achieving their objectives.

We work closely in collaboration with you to understand your needs and provide a tailored solution

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