We help your local business to get in front of your potential customers online whether you run a small one-man operation or a multi-branch business such as a franchise.

We monitor your progress against your competitors and help you to dominate your local area for your products or services.

We use proven systems that save time and money such as

·         Local Proximity Booster

·         Automated Online Reputation Management

·         Branded Social Media Content Creation

·         Monitoring Services

Unless you rank in positions 1, 2, or 3 you are practically invisible in a Google local search. Our mission is to get you into that “3-pack” or “local pack” as it is sometimes referred to.

MyLocal works with website designers to help businesses to be found online often referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. Most of the work that we do is “off-site” which is why we work with our clients’ webmasters who undertake any recommended “on-site” changes. The combination of on-site and off-site is very powerful because it provides more signals to the search engines.

We wrote the book “Local Search Optimisation” and have updated it in the Local SEO section of this site. There you can find the updated text from the original chapters and some extra chapters where relevant.


You can learn the difference between SEO and Local SEO. Local SEO is often overlooked by web designers because it works even if you don’t have a website!

Local Proximity Booster

Most businesses rank well at their immediate location but poorly nearby.

Nearby is where their customers are so they remain practically invisible until they can rank further afield where their customers are looking. We can fix that.

Do you want more sales enquiries?

Proximity Booster uses patented technology which is proven to rank very well in Google search results both locally and organically. After 3 months it will not be necessary to advertise for the search terms that we target.

Proximity Booster has a low monthly cost that does not rise with the number of enquiries and is generally less expensive than online advertising. There are various levels so you can try it for a modest cost and then invest more heavily once you are satisfied that it helps your business. It helps your website and Google Profile cumulatively; it is the gift that keeps on giving.


·         combines the power of its platform with a range of Google products to boost your presence in local search.

·         deploys dozens of service-specific, geo targeted local Landing Pages. It’s just like placing a billboard on every street corner for your business. We also link these pages to form a Store Locator for you.

·         optimises your Google Business Profile page to rank higher in search in your immediate suburb and then rapidly expand your presence in your wider service area within the Google Local Pack (or 3-pack).

·         builds high quality citations (online business Listings) for your business on the world’s most powerful search engines, social networks, voice technologies, directories, and data aggregators.

·         uses content from your GBP profile to auto populate your geo-targeted and service specific Landing Pages. This combination delivers prominence in local search.

It takes just 30 Days to get you moving up the ranks in the Local Pack if you are already in positions 4-20 for relevant keywords.

Do not get in touch if you cannot, or do not wish to scale your business to handle the increased sales enquiries!

Automated Online Reputation Management

Most businesses agree that getting Google reviews is a good thing but there is much more to review management and marketing.  Our system enables you to create templates for emails to be sent to your customers at an appropriate time in your relationship, requesting reviews with links to the review sites that you are targeting.  Just targeting Google as a review site is not considered best practice.  In addition, the system can be set to automatically post some or all of your best reviews to social media so that you benefit by others seeing your best reviews.  Reviews can also be streamed to your website in a variety of formats and you can select which reviews are streamed.

As part of the service we can advise on best practices such as responding to reviews, especially negative reviews or feedback.

Branded Social Media Content Creation

Social media is a bit like a hamster on a wheel; once you start you need to keep going.  It therefore quickly becomes a drain on your time or on someone else’s if you delegate or sub-contract.  It can feel like the tail wagging the dog, especially before you start to see any results from your efforts.

Many of our customers don’t wish to prepare their own social media posts and cannot afford to hire a social media expert.  We have a solution for those in this situation with a low cost service that generates branded content and the images to accompany it that can be approved and then scheduled for posting.

A range of services exist starting at 10 posts per month to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Monitoring Services

Whether or not you are actively engaging in reputation marketing, social media etc. you do need to know where you stand vis-à-vis your competitors.  We have a very low-cost monitoring service which can check your

·         Ranking on multiple search engines, both local and organic

·         Ranking on a geo-grid around your location

·         Citations – their accuracy and which ones you don’t have that you should

·         Reviews snapshot

·         Google Business Profile completeness and rank showing your competitors per keyword

·         Google Analytics data

·         Social Post performance (Facebook & Twitter)

      In addition to the above we offer our clients general advice on how to build a stronger online presence comprising both visibility and credibility which has a cumulative benefit over time.

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