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Google has made free booking links available to any service-based accommodation provider since March 2021.

To qualify as service-based holiday accommodation it must be staffed which means that many holiday-lets do not qualify.  The criteria are very similar to being eligible for a Google Business Profile, so you should be eligible for free booking links if you already have a Google Business Profile.

If you live on-site, you will almost certainly qualify for a Google Business Profile and be eligible for free booking links.

To get free booking links you need to work with a Google Partner, you cannot obtain them directly from Google.  Many Channel Managers are already Google Partners; choosing one of them makes sense if you are eligible.  It would be a missed opportunity to choose a channel manager that is not a Google Partner.

As of the time of writing the following Property Management Software systems listed on this website are Google Partners:

  • Amenitiz
  • Cloudbeds
  • Eviivo
  • FreeToBook
  • Q-Book
  • ResNexus

Please note that Google will display your establishment as the “Official Site” and to increase your chances of getting the booking direct as opposed to via an OTA, you should make sure your prices are competitive.  Your prices will only be shown if you have availability for the dates selected by the person searching.

Useful links for further research:

Criteria for a Google Business Profile

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