Local Search Optimisation Book Extract – Introduction

This book is aimed primarily at local business owners but it may also be useful for website builders wishing to learn about Local Search Optimisation (Local SO*). It should be a light read and will contain useful information that most business owners may not know. Because things change so frequently in this field the book is descriptive rather than prescriptive and should prove valuable in years to come. There are […]

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New Book on Local Search Optimisation

Foreward by Dan Kelly MBA DipMC – Executive Director – BNI Norfolk Ltd “The first thing that impressed me about this book is the credentials of the author. Thomas’s experiences absolutely qualify him to write this book. His motivation to assist local businesses resonates with the aims of my company BNI and me personally. The simple yet fundamental to online search advice offered by this book comes at you like a […]

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Essential Monitoring Reports for Local Businesses

Where would we be without monitoring ourselves? I am constantly on the lookout for better tools to help my clients and always reserve the right to introduce something new or change what I am using if I think it will provide better information, especially for local businesses. I describe below a set of reports that I have been using for some time and which enable me and my clients to […]

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Google’s Updated Guidelines for representing your Business

I came across this support article from Google which explains in some detail how to represent your business on Google My Business (GMB). This is a service that we and many other businesses offer but if you prefer to do it yourself then this article is a useful resource. There is a recent update for those of you who may already know how to represent your business, which reads as […]

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5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Online Ratings and Reviews

Digital perception has become business reality and companies must now manage how their customers perceive them online. According to Cone Inc., 87% of consumers said a favourable review has helped confirm their decision to go through with a purchase. With online ratings and reviews showing up high in search engine results and the ever-increasing use of review sites to research purchases, having a 5 Star reputation and positive reviews online […]

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