What Is Content Marketing ? A Step-By-Step Guide

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of providing and distributing new information about your business online. It is unrealistic to expect that your online visibility will improve without fresh action being taken. Websites can be built by specialist website developers but without fresh content, they will fail to rank beyond perhaps a particular keyword or phrase that is built into the structure of the site.

Content can be provided in many different places such as on your website, on social media, in an email newsletter, on a blogging platform etc. It should be designed to educate your prospective customers and prompt them to take action. It should be made as widely available as possible. A good strategy is to have a particular place where the content is first published, let us say a Blog on your website. Then it should be sent out to as many other networks as possible, particularly those that are widely read, with links back to the original source.

A good strategy is to break the original article into snippets of information that can be sent out as short posts on social media so that you have perhaps ten social media posts that can be scheduled out over time all pointing back to the source. Another good strategy is to build up a list of your biggest fans and to send them links to each new article with a request that they share the article on their own social media channels.

Each article should include calls to action including the ability for people to sign up to your mailing list. Think about it. If each article is shared by a growing list of fans with their social media contacts and you make it easy for any of those new readers to join your mailing list, you will soon be growing your email list.

One of the golden rules about content marketing is consistency. It is better to create one article every month than to do one a week and then stop for a month or two. Frequency is important and you will get better results with weekly content than monthly or quarterly content.

We have a number of services which can help with your content marketing and we have case studies to show how effective this can be. Get in touch if you would like to discuss what we can do to help in your case.

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