When did you last look yourself up online?

You can be quite sure that people will check you out before doing business with you, and guess where they are most likely to find you – LinkedIn.  Why?  Because LinkedIn has a very high authority and ranks better than other places where you may have a profile online.

You only get one chance to make a First Impression and you should make sure that all your online profiles are good, but the most important profile to get right is your LinkedIn profile.  It is the most likely “landing page” for people checking you out because it is the most likely to be on the first page of a Google search.

In terms of a First Impression, people will decide based on the imagery and the words that appear on your profile without scrolling down.  Most profiles do not include a background image which is a huge wasted opportunity to quickly convey something about you, especially as you can include words on the image.  Some profiles either leave their personal picture off altogether (what is someone trying to hide?) or they use an impersonal image such as a logo (again, what are they trying to hide?).

If the First Impression is favourable then people may scroll down to find out more, and that is where you can really influence things.  I will save how to do that for a future article as it has little to do with the opportunity to make a good First Impression which is the only point that I wish to get across in this article.

If you know your profile needs a makeover, read this.  Get in touch for a free consultation and, if nothing else, we can help you out with a personalised background image for your profile.

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