8 Lead Generation Secrets on LinkedIn That You Should Know About

Prospecting for new leads on LinkedIn is not new and it is the most effective social media platform for Lead Generation. LinkedIn was founded back in 2002 and since then, it has grown into a powerful platform that businesses everywhere leverage to their advantage. In case you did not know, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2 billion and it is now an integral part of Microsoft’s ambitions. But how […]

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7 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

Looking for new and innovative ways to book more clients? Learn all about prospecting on LinkedIn! Although it looks like your typical social network website, LinkedIn can help grow your business. The platform is a very powerful tool for companies of all sizes and people all over the world use it to attract new leads and prospect their best clients! But how does the platform work and how can LinkedIn […]

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3 Reasons to Learn How To Look For New Clients on LinkedIn

Are you unsure where to look for your next customers? Then you should learn more about how to sign new clients on LinkedIn! LinkedIn is one of the best places you can look for new customers. The major platform is not your typical social media network, but still it unites millions of people and professionals around the world. If you’re a business owner looking to grow your venture, investing in […]

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Local Search Optimisation Book Extract – Introduction

This book is aimed primarily at local business owners but it may also be useful for website builders wishing to learn about Local Search Optimisation (Local SO*). It should be a light read and will contain useful information that most business owners may not know. Because things change so frequently in this field the book is descriptive rather than prescriptive and should prove valuable in years to come. There are […]

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New Book on Local Search Optimisation

Foreward by Dan Kelly MBA DipMC – Executive Director – BNI Norfolk Ltd “The first thing that impressed me about this book is the credentials of the author. Thomas’s experiences absolutely qualify him to write this book. His motivation to assist local businesses resonates with the aims of my company BNI and me personally. The simple yet fundamental to online search advice offered by this book comes at you like a […]

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Essential Monitoring Reports for Local Businesses

Where would we be without monitoring ourselves? I am constantly on the lookout for better tools to help my clients and always reserve the right to introduce something new or change what I am using if I think it will provide better information, especially for local businesses. I describe below a set of reports that I have been using for some time and which enable me and my clients to […]

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